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Madrona Club's Classes Were A Hit!

We thought you would like to know how the slow-cooker classes went that we told you about on the "news" page. The classes were presented for three consecutive weeks that ended on March 15. The three recipes presented were Island Stew, Tuna Noodle Casserole, and Black Beans and Rice.  Bonus recipes were also distributed and the reception was warm and curious. 
Twelve enthusiastic participants committed to the classes which qualified them to receive free slow-cookers.  Classes were held one-half hour prior to the Tuesday lunch for two weeks and included slow-cooker care and operation, safety and sanitation, basic cooking skills, and creative, nutritious and economical use of simple ingredients.  Recipes were created using ingredients typically available at the Food Bank.

Those who completed the required instruction were given a free slow-cooker and smiles were ear to ear. They agreed to return the cookers to the Food Bank, however, should they find that they are not being used.

Following the last class, an informal verbal survey of luncheon guests was taken and there was unanimous agreement that the classes should continue.  A repeat of the 3-demo + class model will be scheduled in the Fall.

Our kudos and thanks to he participating members of the Madrona Club: Louise Boone, Leith Templin, Edith Thomsen, Amy Cole and Marcia Spees.