Community Lunch

Because of Covid-19, the Tuesday Community Lunches have been cancelled until further notice.

Food Bank Distribution

176 Madrona Street, next to the Orcas Island Community Church

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Our Mission

The mission of the Orcas Island Food Bank is to work with our community to prevent hunger.



Beginning May 3:  Mondays 3:00-6:30 pm,

Tuesdays & Fridays noon to 6:30 pm

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The killing of George Floyd and many other people of color has made it inescapably clear that racism in the United States is a cultural legacy that affects us all. Subtle and overt bias against people who are not white is apparent throughout our society, most dangerously in the actions of some law enforcement personnel.

Far too long, the lives of people of color have mattered less than white lives. Black lives matter. The Board of the Orcas Island Food Bank reiterates our firm, loving stance on the side of all those who seek equality and respect in our society. We reject words and actions that perpetuate inequality, division, hatred and violence. We believe that a society in which all people are seen as equally worthy will be a better society for all of us.
We fully support recent efforts, by both private organizations and public entities, to illuminate and dismantle the oppressive systems and assumptions throughout our society. We will strive to listen deeply to those who have suffered and to understand the many subtleties of "white privilege." We reaffirm our strong commitment to welcoming all members of our community to the Orcas Island Food Bank. 

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